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Country Music Run Bandana, blanks, custom printing  available, 100% cotton bandannas

Red Paisley Bandana, blanks, custom printing  available, 100% cotton bandannas

San Francisco Park Bandana


Below are the BandanaMan guidelines for getting a personalized custom printing price quote. If you have any questions concerning the guidelines below, please contact BandanaMan right away.


BandanaMan would be happy to take a look at your artwork and give you a quote. We have a great deal of experience in the custom printing business and may have some ideas that might help you. Each request is analyzed individually for the best possible pricing. Please follow the guidelines below.

# 1 - Artwork:

To give you an accurate price quote, we will need to see your graphic or artwork. (For FAQ's about artwork, Click Here). We do not necessarily need to see high quality artwork for a price quote, although that would help. As long as we can clearly see the artwork, logo, graphic, etc., and we can see the colors used and the details of the artwork, we should be able to produce a quote. You can E-mail us a (.gif), (.jpg), (.bmp), (.tiff), (.psd), (.ai) etc. You can also mail it to us on a CD. If the artwork is one color, or is just text, you can also fax us a copy.

#2 - Type of Printing:

Please let us know if you would like a quote for screen printing, pigment printing, or both. (For an explanation of the difference between pigment printing and screen printing Click Here).

# 3- Volume:

Give us an idea of how many bandanas you are looking for. If you do not have an exact amount in mind, just estimate it. The prices are affected by the number of bandanas ordered. The larger the order, the lower the per piece price. If you are considering pigment printing, keep in mind, the minimum order for pigment printing is 10,000 for 22 inch square bandanas or for 27 inch square bandanas. Contact BandanaMan for quotes on larger bandanas.

# 4- Bandana Type:

You need to let us know what type/style of bandana your artwork is to be printed on. Is it to be printed on a blank (or solid colored) bandana, a Square Open Center, or a Circular Open Center? We do most of our work on 22 inch square bandanas, which are larger than the typical 18 inch bandanas found in retail outlets. Please let us know if you need something larger. We do stock 27 inch square bandanas, but only in blanks (solids), and in limited colors.

# 5 - Time Frame:

Let us know when you need the completed job. Our normal time for screen printed orders is 10-14 days. For pigment printing we require a 6 to 8 week minimum. Rush orders are available only with screen printing jobs but do incur additional costs.

Once we have this information, we can give you a very accurate price quote.



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